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Exceed Regulatory Compliance Standards

Zelvin Security has had the pleasure of working with clients in nearly every industry around the world. The unique skills of our penetration team members include extensive experience in the financial sector, retail, manufacturing, insurance, and in healthcare. Each industry has its own areas of security focus.

Our process drive approach takes into consideration the industry compliance and regulatory requirements as well as industry standards and best practices. We are not happy with simply meeting compliance standards--we explore all attack risk points, gaps in security from an organizational standpoint as well as from a technology perspective.




Protecting PHI | Ransomware | HIPAA | Mergers | EMR

Healthcare is rapidly changing.  There is a need for great connectivity, better access to health records all while reducing costs. Reduce exposure and protect patient data while maintaining complianceContact Zelvin Security for your security testing needs.

— Healthcare Industry—


Proprietary Secrets | Customer Data | PCI 

Protect consumer confidence and your business reputation with Zelvin Security. Our testing methodologies exceed PCI compliance standards protecting you and your customer. 

— Retail and Manufacturing—


Protect Data | Provide Guidance | Promote Security

The insurance industry is built on trust. By protecting customer information and effectively promoting an effective cyber risk management environment insurance companies meet those challenges.

— Insurance Industry—

Certification of Compliance | Penetration Testing

Financial Institution Cyber Security Regulations is our specialty.  Our penetration tests far exceed compliance testing. Our goal is actual security. We work with large and small banks to detect and mitigate security risk. Learn more about our third party risk assessments and application vendor management.  

—Financial Services Industry—
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