Zelvin Analytics

Vulnerability Assessment Reporting Tool

A vulnerability assessment can be quite simple, however, without the correct reporting tool the information (raw data) can be difficult to manage. Zelvin Analytics is a tool designed by a team of ethical hacking professionals. It's designed to sort, prioritize, and manage vulnerabilities quickly and succinctly as it arranges the data from a vulnerability scan.

Zelvin Analytics presents the technical information from the assessment into two formats: an informative executive summary and a highly technical report used to remediate any issues.

The executive summary produces graphs to quickly identify security risks so business leaders can see what really matters.

Then, the detailed report includes a complete list of all security weaknesses, sorted by risk level. All identified vulnerabilities are manually verified by a member of the Zelvin Security Ethical Hacking Team and each write-up includes a custom solution to mitigate the risk. Zelvin Security uses its experience and collective knowledge to provide sensible, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

Zelvin Analytics saves our team time which saves our clients time and money. Flowing the security test the Zelvin Analytics reports and application allows the vulnerability management team to quickly assign workflow and track progress.

Penetration testing reports also include vulnerability security testing. This report is a great way for the Ethical Hacking professionals at Zelvin Security to perform security testing in a shorter amount of time. This saves you money and allows us to spend more time on the most important exploits.

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