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Reduce Risk and Improve Security

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Proactive security should be part every company's culture, especially when implementing a new application or software. Attend this session to learn helpful hints to handle new and existing software vendors and get them to add security. During this session, we'll walk through a "Consumer Security Road map". It's useful for businesses considering purchasing new software, testing existing software, even if it is a cloud based application. This road map could save you time and money, in the long run. During the session, we'll also walk through a couple of attack types and discuss who is responsible for securing the application. This session is presented by Jeff Atkinson of Zelvin Security, a Central New York proactive information security consulting firm specializing in ethical hacking assessments of new and existing applications.

Click here for theĀ Zelvin Security Decision Tree

This material was presented at NYTech Summit June 2017.

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