Mobile Application Penetration Test

Software Security Testing

Many businesses are using mobile applications to interface with consumers and employees today. However, from a security standpoint, not all applications are built equally. As technology thrusts forward, consumers, and business are presented with another malicious attack vector. Since 2002, Zelvin Security has provided comprehensive security assessments (Ethical Hacking) on mobile application platforms, such as: iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry.

A mobile application penetration test is conducted from an authorized (credentialed) user's perspective and an unauthorized (without password/log-on credentials) user. Zelvin Security consultants simulate real-world attacks utilizing any and all potential attack points.

Protect your Customer's Data

Where do you access your customer's data? Chances are you are using a mobile app on your phone to sync with colleagues, interact with your customers, and provide customer service to your prospects. This instant service could be vulnerable to session hijacking, weak access control, database command injection (SQLi), and many more attacks. We specialize in pen testing iOS and Android mobile applications. When your customers ask about security testing you will feel confident knowing your mobile app has been assessed by Zelvin Security. We are a conflict-free third party penetration testing firm. Call today to learn more about our testing experience.

Ask yourself: Where do you store your most precious client data? (It could be in an app on your phone.)

Before you download your next app ask if it has been pentested. After all, some of the most famous breaches have been linked to mobile application security. If you would like to learn more about app penetration testing please contact us. We have decades of experience identifying vulnerabilities and exploiting weaknesses in enterprise level software.

"Check out our mobile application road map presented to the audience at the NY Tech Summit at Turning Stone Casino. If you have questions please contact us. Our penetration testing team is knowledgeable, friendly, and just a phone call away.

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