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At Zelvin Security, we help our clients understand the cyber risks within their business. As Ethical Hackers, our job is to think like a malicious hacker. We use the same techniques as a hacker in the wild to identify the weaknesses within applications and networks of the businesses we serve. This valuable information helps businesses improve their security posture by remediating these issues which reduces the risk of cyber attack.

We serve a variety of business categories, we have specific experience in a few key business areas. Our decades of experience allow the pentesters at Zelvin Security better customize solutions the unique needs of our clients.


The adoption of electronical medical records, the need to provide care planning across care settings, and the complex nature of the healthcare industry makes it particularly important for providers to adopt technology and cybersecurity. However, historically there has been a lack of investment into cybersecurity training, best practices, and security testing which has led to an increase in cyberattacks on the health care industry. As a matter of fact, the healthcare industry is experiencing a rise in cyberattacks. Phishing attacks spilling patient information on the dark web and ransomware is forbidding physician’s from accessing patient records while malicious cyber criminals are getting rich.

Cyber Health Made Easy

At Zelvin Security our goal is to improve the cyber health of our clients. We perform network assessments, penetration tests, web application security testing, and social engineering exercises to better understand the security posture of the medical practice, surgery center and healthcare system.

Security Hygiene-Vulnerability Management Process

Ethical Hacking professionals efficiently and proactively develop a security management process. Our team performs risk analysis to identify and assess the potential risks and vulnerabilities. Then, our security team provides a complete listing of verified vulnerabilities. Each vulnerability is given a risk rating, based on industry best practices, and includes a comprehensive remediation strategy. The strategy is explained in an easy to understand non-technical report which can be used by office managers, and board level to understand cyber risks found during the testing phase. Next the remediation strategy is explained using detailed technical language which is used by manage service providers or internal IT teams to correct the security weaknesses.

Blackbox Penetration Testing

There is no question…the healthcare industry is a target for malicious hackers. This is why is recommended by security professionals to rotate your penetration testing vendors every few years. This gives your networks, wireless access points, and applications a fresh testing perspective, giving your infrastructure a renewed challenge. Zelvin Security provides penetration testing using double-blind, blackbox security practices. This testing is performed with little or no knowledge and without system credentials. This type of testing is used to identify weaknesses within the healthcare system which could be exploited by a malicious hacker. To learn more please contact Zelvin Security to discuss your organization’s maturity level, goals, and testing schedule.

Financial Institutions 

Financial institutions, including lenders, mortgage companies, insurance companies, and private bankers are required to meet regulatory standards such as New York’s DFS (NY Department of Financial Services) Cyber Security Regulation. This regulation and others like it require covered entities to submit a certification of compliance. Zelvin Security is an experienced provider of completing Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments. In fact, Zelvin Security has served some of the largest and smallest banks in the United States. Although each bank was different in terms of maturity level and security team resources, the end goal is always the same: Secure the Bank.

penetration testing banking applications

When your bank is looking for penetration testing and vulnerability assessments everyone agrees on this fact: Experience Matters.

Cyber Security Compliance

Completing penetration testing and vulnerabilities Assessments allows the organization to identify risks, prioritize each weakness, and take steps to reduce the vulnerability. Our professional Ethical Hacking team is here to help your financial institution assess your risk and effectively evaluate mitigation solutions which are practical and cost effective. Compliance requirements are essential; however, it has been our experience, that compliance does not equal security. This is an important point. If security testing is performed to simply satisfy the compliance requirements, the entity is not addressing all present-day security risks. Within an organization, associated weaknesses are present in systems, processes, the employees, and the overall opinion of senior leadership. Our security testing includes a senior level security professional who consults with the organization. We consider the entire organization’s security posture, provide education to employees and help senior level executives understand the “why” behind the vulnerabilities found during the compliance testing.

We are all on the same team      

Our clients often tell us that our approach is different. We are NOT the type of Ethical Hacking firm to complete the compliance testing and throw a report at the organization to interpret. Instead, we spend the extra time reviewing each finding, one-by-one and discuss how a malicious hacker would leverage the weakness to gain a foothold. This is not an extra cost—it is the benefit of using a boutique cyber security testing company like Zelvin Security. This level of service and education is provided to every client, because when you hire us to test your security posture, we consider ourselves a member of your team. Afterall, we all have the same goal…secure your organization.  When you are ready to prepare for your audit and complete your security compliance testing please let us know how we can help you be successful.

Manufacturing Sector

Let’s face it, manufacturing companies depend on technology to manage products, assembly lines, shipping, intellectual formulas, proprietary methodologies, and day-to-day operations. Technology is widespread. Today, software and networks serve up all aspects of the enterprise and it would be nearly impossible to run the business without using computers, software, and the internet. During a cyber-attack this type of nightmare could be a reality. That is why we work with manufacturing businesses to conduct a proactive security assessment, so they are not caught off guard. Testing the resiliency of the internal and external networks and software applications running operations are a few of the core security services offered by Zelvin Security.

We don’t have any data”

We hear this response from business leaders in all industries. The perception is that Ethical Hacking services must be expensive; therefore, some leaders choose to think they can survive without testing. In the manufacturing industry there probably isn’t a great deal of personal data within the network. However, the cost of a cyber incident would be found in the amount of disruption the plant would experience if the computers were affected by malware, ransomware, or if corporate espionage took place. Every hour or day the production line is frozen, or the shipping operations is down would cause lost revenue, unhappy customers, and headaches manufacturing operations teams just don’t need. Testing isn’t expensive, compared to the cost of lost productivity.

Industry Experience

Discovering threats and defending industries by providing proactive security testing services is the only service Zelvin Security provides. We won’t sell you any products or shiny new tools, because that’s not what we do. We specialize in ethical hacking by providing penetration testing and vulnerability assessments to identify weaknesses and strengths within your digital infrastructure and then we work with your leadership to offer simple and effective remediation recommendations.

Since 2002 we have worked in nearly all industry types. This experience gives you the opportunity to save money and work with some of the most experienced pentesters in the industry. When we come to work for you we bring our experience with us. Oftentimes we find that our tests uncover vulnerabilities that have not been found by other Ethical Hackers in the past…in some cases the weakness was new, but there are times that our experience helps us identify threats that others may overlook, especially when it comes to manual penetration testing.

Protecting PHI | Ransomware | HIPAA | Mergers | EMR

Healthcare is rapidly changing.  There is a need for great connectivity, better access to health records all while reducing costs. Reduce exposure and protect patient data while maintaining compliance—Contact Zelvin Security for your security testing needs.

— Healthcare Industry—


Proprietary Secrets | Customer Data | PCI 

Protect consumer confidence and your business reputation with Zelvin Security. Our testing methodologies exceed PCI compliance standards protecting you and your customer. 

— Retail and Manufacturing—


Protect Data | Provide Guidance | Promote Security

The insurance industry is built on trust. By protecting customer information and effectively promoting an effective cyber risk management environment insurance companies meet those challenges.

— Insurance Industry—

Certification of Compliance | Penetration Testing

Financial Institution Cyber Security Regulations is our specialty.  Our penetration tests far exceed compliance testing. Our goal is actual security. We work with large and small banks to detect and mitigate security risk. Learn more about our third party risk assessments and application vendor management.  

—Financial Services Industry—
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