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An Application Ethical Hacking Assessment determines the overall security of the application by analyzing all possible interactions, input variables, business logic, and application components.
A web application penetration test is conducted from an authorized user (credentialed) perspective and an unauthorized user (without password/log-on credentials).

Zelvin Security consultants simulate real-world attacks utilizing any and all potential attack points. Our penetration testing methodology provides businesses with a better understanding of their digital security posture.

Many businesses today assume that the applications they use to manage their employees, vendors and customers are secure. Malicious attackers, in many breaches and intrusions gain access through internal and external facing applications making applications a target. Regular penetration testing is a requirement to maintain a secure digital posture.

We pride ourselves on our manual application testing security skills. Zelvin Security has tested many core web applications for the last ten years. Our penetration testing methodologies are used to test and secure some of the most complex software in the United States. Our experience exploiting vulnerabilities and uncovering security weaknesses is a challenge we crave. If you are looking for Ethical Hackers who enjoy the excitement and intensity of testing enterprise level software with an unrelenting thirst for uncovering security flaws--you've found your team. We will help your organization build a more secure application.

Authentication coding errors and privilege escalation are common security flaws we find when testing web applications. Recently, an Ethical Hacker with Zelvin Security was testing a well-known application. The software developers added two-factor authentication to its login page for added protection. During our web application penetration test we exploited the newly added command and were able to bypass the password function. If this flaw went undetected the application could have been easily breached. The developers intended to improve security, but in reality they made it easier for an attack. We caught this issue, provided the details to mitigate the flaw, and retested the application to ensure the authentication process is secure.

Most web app penetration testers are using vulnerability assessment tools to identify security weaknesses. At Zelvin Security we do not simply relying on these automated tools to test the resiliency of your application. We manually test your application with the goal of exploiting the software and use its security weaknesses against itself. This deep-dive approach is your greatest chance at achieving a secure application. Our application Ethical Hacking team has 20 years of experience testing software. We understand application development, secure coding, and how to use security holes within your application to replicate the techniques a bad actor would use.

Chances are you are using a well-known application to run your business. Most businesses use web-based applications to manage inventory, communicate with clients, collect receivables, and manage employee production.

Most businesses assume that the web-based applications they are using have been tested for security weaknesses. The truth is-- most well-known applications have security holes and issues. These issues and vulnerabilities can lead serious data breaches. 

How do you know if your business is using an application with security issues? Ask the application vendor for a penetration testing report. 

Protecting Your Business and Your Clients

People often believe that the web-based applications they use have been tested for security. Don't be fooled. Just because the app was developed by a well-known developer does not mean it has been tested for security flaws. The primary goal of an application developer is to sell the application....not protect your data.

We have tested some of the most famous H/R applications, CRM systems, online banking systems, Accounts Receivable software programs and more and they all have one thing in common--they have high risk vulnerabilities. Yes, that is right, the data is not secure, and a malicious actor can gain access or escalate privileges within the application.  So how can you protect your business from purchasing software that contains risky security flaws? Don't purchase the software or renew the membership until you have asked the vendor to provide written proof that the application was pentested by a conflict-free third-party security company. If it was tested, your business should be given written proof of the satisfactory assessment. Why do you want to know the app has been tested? If a cyber event happens who will your customers blame? Hint: Not the application developer.

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Solution Oriented Cyber Security

We’ve built our security consulting company on building long-term relationships with our clients. Our goal is to make your organization stronger and more resilient to a cyber security attack by taking a deep dive into your digital security posture. Once we identify vulnerabilities within your network or applications, we will offer sensible solutions to mitigate the risk. You’ll find our rigorous security testing is on-time and on-point. Your security risk evaluation is both comprehensive and solution oriented. We believe in offering cost effective solutions to remove your attack points.

"Discover and mitigate the vulnerabilities in the applications your business uses every day. Contact us today to learn how. We'll work with your software developer, internal team, and other third parties to remediate security threats."

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