Vulnerability Assessment

Identify and Prioritize Security Weaknesses

Performing a vulnerability assessment is a great way to understand the internal and external threats facing your digital assets. Essentially, this type of security testing identifies well-known vulnerabilities using a tools-based testing methods.  Then, the experienced Ethical Hackers at Zelvin Security manually verifies each finding. Once the finding is rated based on its potential threat, we provide a detailed explanation of the most practical and cost-efficient remediation strategy.

Vulnerability assessments can be performed on digital assets to identify strengths and weaknesses within your infrastructure. Some of the most common tests businesses rely on are:

  • External Network Assessment
  • Internal Network Assessment
  • Application Vulnerability Assessment

Securing the perimeter and internal infrastructure is considered a vital element of a cyber security plan. Identifying and prioritizing threats allows business, like yours, to mitigate and eliminate vulnerabilities in your digital resources.

Why does your business need a Vulnerability Assessment?

The simple answers is: To identify potential risks that exist in your current environment. It's a process of using testing tools to develop a list of weaknesses a malicious hacker in the wild might use to gain access to your organization.

What is a Vulnerability Assessment

It is an easy to understand list of potential threats a malicious hacker might use to attack your business. To perform a security assessment, the Ethical Hacking Team at Zelvin Security utilizes the latest automated security scanning tools to identify well-known vulnerabilities. Then, we take the security assessment one-step further by manually verifying each potential risk. We will also help you understand how the vulnerabilities pose a threat to your organization by understanding how the vulnerability effects your infrastructure. Our experienced testers understand the bigger picture and will help you identify the difference between critical vulnerabilities and low-level risks allowing for prioritization.

How much does a Vulnerability Assessment Cost? The cost depends on the size and scope of the test, but quite often, CISOs and business owners are surprised by the affordability and usability of the test. Vulnerability Assessments are considered the most affordable testing service performed by Ethical Hackers. Plus, the results make it very easy for businesses to prioritize and effectively manage potential cyber risks.

Stay within your budget - Contact Zelvin Security today to learn more or request a custom quote. All inquiries are confidential.

Internal Network Assessment Vs. External Network Assessment

An external network assessment focuses on the outside of an organization. The test scans for configuration issues and flaws located outside of the entity. This includes firewalls, servers, applications and other devices on the perimeter. Hardening the outside of your business is essential. If you have questions about your system defenses, please let us know. Our security team can help you proactively secure your perimeter.

An internal network assessment tests your security posture from an internal perspective. If a malicious actor was inside your organization, what could he access? Is it segregated? Is the internal network properly secured? Basically, an internal vulnerability assessment identifies your business network and assets to ensure proper security protocols are in place.

How often should I run an Internal and External Vulnerability Scan?

Usually you should test your networks at least quarterly and any time significant changes are made to your IT infrastructure. This includes (but is not limited to) new equipment, a change in process, people, or technology. This test is simple and cost effective security test. Identifying the well known security weaknesses within your organization, networks, applications, or wireless infrastructure is considered basic security hygiene.

Zelvin Security pentesters will clearly explain the rationale behind each identified security weaknesses. Then, we will give you practical and cost-effective remediation strategies. Our easy to understand reporting system makes it simple for you to manage your vulnerabilities. And, if you have questions along the way just let us know. 607-758-9427

We are here to help your business improve your security posture. That's our #1 goal.

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