Penetration Testing

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Zelvin Security has extensive ethical hacking (penetration test) experience identifying vulnerabilities that exist within web and cloud-based applications, mobile devices, wireless networks, internal networks, and external networks. It is critical to identify areas that are accessible to malicious attackers. We will identify vulnerabilities and help you take proactive steps to protect your IT infrastructure and your company’s reputation.

Upon completion of each assessment, Zelvin Security will provide a detailed technical report which includes all identified vulnerabilities, methods of how the vulnerability was exploited, the data which could be compromised in an attack, and practical recommendations to secure the vulnerability.

Zelvin Security employs expert consultants who use manual proprietary methodologies and industry best practices. We will replicate the same scenarios as a malicious attacker in the wild to identify your level of digital risk.

A complete suite of penetration testing services is available including Black Box Penetration Testing.

Today, every business uses web applications to track vital functions such as EMR, CRM software, H/R and more. Most business also assume that the application's security is reliable, however, this is usually the weak point. Malicious attackers target applications which is the entry-point for most breaches and intrusions.

Through penetration testing, we are able to identify security flaws within the application and recommend appropriate countermeasures.

Most business connect employees, customers, and vendors with mobile applications to save time and operate seamlessly. This places the most valuable data and business assets in mobile applications.

Malicious attackers use mobile applications to gain remote entry, and often silently, though the backdoor or other means of exploitation. Without question, 3rd party penetration testing is needed to determine the security posture of a mobile application.

Understanding and securing your business's network security posture is vital to maintaining smooth operations. Our security experts work with you to assess the security of your infrastructure using the highest industry standards. At Zelvin Security we use advanced automated and manual penetration testing methodologies to test the environment, configurations, and architecture.

Following each pen-test, our security team is available to speak directly with your vendors and business partners to discuss any findings, if needed.

Wireless technology is widely utilized and its a rapidly growing technology. With the massive use of connectivity to wifi, bluetooth, DECT and more security challenges and attacker opportunities are are increased.

At Zelvin Security, our security team deeply understands the threats, potential exploits, and how the technologies are used by an attacker.

Wireless security goes beyond encryption and strong authentication--attacks to internal networks often occur through wireless technologies.


Zelvin Security specializes in identifying security risks and helping businesses maintain a secure digital posture. In today’s digital environment, every business with an IT infrastructure is vulnerable to security threats.

Our pentesters are often praised for their ability to provide practical solutions to remediate vulnerabilities. We only hire experienced testers who understand both technology and business. This gives our team the skill set to effectively manage risks while at the same time providing cost-effective recommendations. These qualities are just a few of the reasons why large businesses around the world hire Zelvin Security for their penetration testing needs. We also enjoy working with smaller businesses, closer to home. Our headquarters is located in Upstate New York, centered near Binghamton, Ithaca and Syracuse. If you are looking for expert advice give one of our Ethical Hackers a call today. 607-758-9527

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