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Network Penetration Test

Our Network Penetration Test will attempt to electronically access hosts and/or bypass firewalls, routers, and other network protection devices. Zelvin Security conducts the network assessment in three controlled phases: Reconnaissance, Vulnerability Identification and Exploitation.

Following the completion of testing, our security experts will provide a detailed report which includes: risk level, discussion of exposure with examples, and cost effective recommendations.

Cloud-based Penetration Testing services are available. To learn more about the services that are right for your business contact Zelvin Security for a complimentary confidential consultation.

Wireless Assessments

Wireless technologies are relatively inexpensive and easy to install, yet wireless networking can be the easiest way for an attacker to bypass firewalls and other network security devices.

Zelvin Security wireless assessments may include: wireless signal mapping, SSID broadcast configurations, protocol configurations, and overall wireless architecture review. Contact us today to schedule a no obligation discussion regarding your needs. 

Is your business considering security testing for the first time?

You are not alone. Many business owners are experiencing malicious cyber security attacks on a regular basis. Whether it is a targeted phishing email that looks like it originated from one of your managers to an employee requesting an expensive purchase (quickly!) or a more obvious look-alike email indicating you’ve been endorsed by someone on LiinkkedInn…attackers are attempting to trick your users and breach your network.

Where should you begin?

The most important first step in any security testing is to speak directly with a reputable ethical hacking professional to determine the type of security testing your business needs. Most business owners request a “Network Penetration Test” without fully understanding all the types of security testing or the goals and costs for each. That’s why at Zelvin Security we recommend scheduling a complimentary confidential security consultation. During the consultation we will describe the types of cyber security testing in easy to understand language and how they relate to your business specifically, so you can make an informed decision. Following the meeting you will receive a no-obligation custom proposal.

Penetration Test or Vulnerability Assessment

During the meeting we will help you define the scope of your project. Zelvin Security testing professionals will help you determine if you are looking for an overall security assessment designed to identify well-known vulnerabilities or do you want to know if a malicious hacker could exploit your business?

Learn Cost Effective Solutions to Mitigate Risks

A vulnerability assessment (VA) is a security test seeking well known weaknesses within your network, application, wireless network, database, or mainframe. This type of VA begins as a test administered by an experienced ethical hacking professional to identify well known vulnerabilities. The raw results are manually verified to ensure the results do not include false positive findings. Then, the results are classified using a risk-rating scale, based upon industry best practices into High/Medium/Low categories. Lastly, an experienced ethical hacking professional provides examples and mitigation solutions for each risk. At Zelvin Security our final report includes cost effective solutions to mitigate the risks in an easy to use format. Our overall goal is to help your business improve your security posture—that is why the usability of our report is essential.

Zelvin Security employs only expert-level consultants who use manual proprietary methodologies and industry best practices. We will replicate the same scenarios as a malicious attacker in the wild to identify your organization’s level of digital risk.
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