Network Penetration Test

At Zelvin Security, our Network Penetration Test will simulate an attack by accesses hosts and/or bypass firewalls, routers, and other network protection devices. Zelvin Security conducts the network assessment in three controlled phases: Reconnaissance, Vulnerability Identification and Exploitation.

Following the completion of testing, our security experts will provide a detailed report which includes: risk level, discussion of exposure with examples, and cost effective recommendations.

Cloud-based Penetration Testing services are available. To learn more about the services that are right for your business contact Zelvin Security for a complimentary confidential consultation.

It is important to take security seriously. Using the internet to conduct business, make or receive payments, communicate with employees or clients, or manage the day-to-day operations of your small business could be unavailable in the event of an attack. Why not review your security posture before a security threat is exposing your sensitive information? You will find that a proactive security audit is much easier and less expensive than trying to recover systems and customers after an incident.

The most important first step in any security testing is to speak directly with a reputable ethical hacking professional to determine the type of security testing your business needs. We recommend scheduling a complimentary consultation. During the consultation we will describe the types of cyber security testing and how they relate to your business specifically, so you can make an informed decision. Following the meeting you will receive a no-obligation custom proposal.

Is your business considering security testing for the first time? You are not alone. We identify your security gaps and offer practical advice to reduce your risks. Zelvin Security employs only expert-level consultants who use manual proprietary methodologies and industry best practices. We will replicate the same scenarios as a malicious attacker in the wild to identify your organization’s level of digital risk.

Some business owners are concerned that if they hire a security consultant it will cost too much to implement the recommendations. That's not our style. We know your security testing budget isn't endless. We can help you prioritize your penetration testing efforts, scale the project into a manageable size. Working with the professionals at Zelvin Security will give you access to business-minded Ethical Hackers. We'll offer practical advice and provide cost-effective solutions. Honest and straightforward answers are the only type we offer.

Contact Zelvin Security today by phone 607-758-9427 to request a meeting.

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