Zelvin Security Ethical Hacking services provide valuable insights into your digital security posture. Our consultants utilize rigorous methodologies which include: manual testing, automated testing and verification of all potential security threats.

Ethical Hacking: Compromise, exploit, and/or "penetrate" to gain access. Our hands-on manual testing replicates a malicious attack in the wild. Typically performed on applications, networks, facilities, phishing and more.

Application  Penetration Testing: Identify security weaknesses within an Application as an unauthorized attacker or a credentialed malicious user. Proprietary methodologies and industry best practices are used.

Automated Security Testing Scans: Using tools to identify well-known vulnerabilities. In most cases vulnerabilities are not exploited. Scans can be performed on applications and networks.

Cyber Security Services--Comprehensive and Remarkably Valuable

Where are your attack points? Protect your reputation and confidential digital assets by partnering with Zelvin Security. You’ll join a number of well known clients who call on Zelvin Security to identify their IT security risks and provide valuable solutions to enhance their organization’s security posture. Our talented and experienced security consultants specialize in offensive security services in a rapidly changing world.

You’ll find that our cybersecurity consultants utilize a comprehensive, and completely customized, yet methodical approach to pen testing to  identify your digital security risks and attack points. Many times, Zelvin Security’s Ethical Hacking professionals are able to provide security testing from a secure remote location. This reduces travel expenses and allows you to designate more of your budget to the highest level of testing, instead of travel expenses. 

When Does Experience Matter?

Our highly talented team will tailor our security services to meet your business needs. Whether you are looking for a quick vulnerability assessments, an experienced pen-tester to augment your team for a short-time or a full black-box penetration test, we have the team and skills to support you.

You’ll find Zelvin Security refreshingly different- there isn’t a lot of red tape or hoops to jump through when you contract with us. We’ve been working with large and small companies for many years—give us a call and discover our straightforward approach.

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