Ethical Hacking: Put Zelvin Security's experience to work for your business. Our testers use their penetration testing skills to compromise, exploit, and move within your application, networks, and facilities. They replicate and execute some of the same techniques a malicious attacker in the wild uses. Then, Zelvin Security professionals offer valuable advice to reduce your risk of a cyber incident or security breach.

What can you do today to improve your IT security infrastructure? If you're not sure, let us help you. One of our Ethical Hackers can help you sort out your questions and develop a plan. Our approach is straightforward and our initial consultation is complimentary.

Web applications are used to store client, patient, and sensitive business operations data. This makes web applications a magnet for breach attempts. Our Ethical Hackers specialize in testing web-based applications. We test from multiple threat standpoints, including from an authenticated and unauthenticated user perspective. Whether the application is newly developed application in a pre-production environment (DevSecOps) or a well-known application used by millions of users, our specialty is identifying the weaknesses used by hackers-in-the-wild. We help application developers and owners remediate security flaws before a security incident.

Vulnerability Assessments help businesses identify their biggest threats by creating an inventory of weaknesses and strengths. Testing networks, applications, and IT Infrastructure should be performed regularly by a conflict-free third party such as Zelvin Security. Our Ethical Hackers will test your networks and applications to help you manage your cyber security risks and improve your digital security posture. Identifying known vulnerabilities within your organization before a malicious hacker does is considered a fundamental security practice.

Experiences Matters

Our highly talented team will tailor our security services to meet your business needs. Whether you are looking for a quick vulnerability assessments, an experienced pen-tester to augment your team for a short-time or a full black-box penetration test, we have the team and skills to support you.

Approachable and Available Pentesters

You’ll find Zelvin Security refreshingly different- there isn’t a lot of red tape or hoops to jump through when you contract with us. We’ve been working with large and small companies for many years so we can guide your leadership through the proposal process.

Did you know that when you call Zelvin Security one of our experienced penetration testers will answer your call directly? At Zelvin Security we don't believe in selling our services. We don't need to. Our commitment to quality penetration testing services sells itself--that's why we don't employ sales people. Our customer's love working with us and you will too. Reach out today to request more information.

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