DevOps + Security = DevSecOps

Preproduction Security Testing | Experienced DevSecOps Testers

Security starts at development

Zelvin Security has the pleasure of working with some of the most mature Ethical Hacking teams in the United States. This allows us to test our skills against the development and operations teams and gain experience testing in the fast paced environment of Development Security Operations.

DevSecOps uses a blended approach of inspecting each line of source code to ensure security measures are in place while utilizing automated source code analysis tools. By coupling a manual review with an automated tool our security professionals create a comprehensive approach to identifying security exposures. Our DevSecOps workflow and processes improve the security of newly developed applications before production.

  • Source Code Security Testing
  • Dynamic Application Testing

In one case we lead a DevSecOps team, recently. We found this challenge especially exciting. The newly formed security team worked seamlessly with the operations team to detect security issues in a rapid cycle process. Testing the environment in pre-production required collaboration with other IT teams and demanded a special focus on productivity, release dates, and multiple project deadlines.

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