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Cyber Defense Strategies

Cortland Chamber Zelvin Security Plan First 10.23.2019

Two local businesses are coming together on Wednesday, Oct. 23 at the Cortland Chamber of Commerce to share computer security best practices with Cortland area business owners. Nick Pizzola, owner of Plan First Technologies and Jeff Atkinson, Ethical Hacker and owner of Zelvin Security are the hosts of the workshop. Business leaders are faced with cyber-attacks on a regular basis. Business leaders know that a cyber-attack would be expensive, disruptive to business, and impact the trust and brand when the public finds out. Join these two experts as they help businesses identify their risks, prioritize their security plans and prepare for the future.

The non-technical workshop will be presented in easy to understand language and will focus on how to employ industry best practices to reduce security risks. Risk assessments, efficient remediation techniques, and training elements will be the focus of the workshop.

Cyber Defense Strategies for Business Owners
Cortland Chamber of Commerce, 37 Church St.,Cortland,New York-13045
Starting on
October 23, 2019
Ending on
October 23, 2019
Learn from local technology experts Nicholas Pizzola, President of Plan First Technologies and Jeff Atkinson, CEO and Ethical Hacking Specialist of Zelvin Security. Business leaders will learn how to: Develop a Cyber Security Plan, Protect Assets from Cyber Attacks, Efficiently Remediate Security Vulnerabilities, Ransomware defense strategies
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