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At Zelvin Security, we help our clients achieve a strong proactive security posture by providing penetration testing and regulatory compliance cyber security consultancy. Our approach provides value to our clients by saving time and money through the use of efficient, proprietary testing methodologies, root cause remediation strategies, and business-minded senior level pentesters.

Our story began in 2002, when Zelvin Security began specializing as a conflict-free third party testing service of large financial institutions and manufacturing companies in the global market. Today, our clients include medium and large clients throughout the US and local businesses in the heart of Central New York where Zelvin Security located.

Whether your business is large or small our approach is the same:

  • Experienced Senior-level Ethical Hackers Only
  • Personalized Service - custom strategies
  • Manually Verified Reports - with root cause analysis
  • Proposal – No obligation and completely confidential

Experienced Ethical Hackers

We only employ senior-level penetration testers. This allows our pentesters to dive deeply into networks, applications and servers to identify cyber threats before a malicious attacker can. We think like hackers because that’s all we do—we don’t sell products, we don't offer managed services, and we don't provide incident response services. Zelvin Security provides Ethical Hacking Services - all day, every day.

Our experience saves your organization time and money. Our testers are efficient. Their well-organized testing methodology identifies risks quickly and prioritizes the threats using industry best practices. Once threats are identified, the Zelvin Security team issues practical and cost-effective techniques to mitigate risks. This is not a list of problems. It is a list of personalized recommendations to specifically reduce the real-world cyber security risks for your organization.

Personalized Service

Our remediation strategies are highly personalized which is why we are a trusted partner to so many successful businesses. Our tailored results give your organization a clear understanding of your risks including industry best practices to efficiently resolve vulnerabilities. When possible Zelvin Security’s professionals look for ways to remediate more than one vulnerability with in a single strategy. This saves your business time and money.

Manually Verified Reports

In an effort to improve your security posture our team manually verifies all identified security flaws. As a result, our reports are straightforward and only include the actual risks present in your organization. This allows you to focus on the most important security issues instead of getting bogged down in needless findings.

Proposal – No Obligation, Custom, Confidential

The first step in discovering your security posture begins with a meeting between you and a Zelvin Security penetration testing professional. This meeting is followed by a detailed, custom proposal including costs, timelines, and deliverables. We'll focus on your security goals, make recommendations when necessary, and provide all the necessary legal paperwork to get started. In other words, our experienced ethical hacking team will personally manage your project from start to finish.

If you have a question related to cyber security or would like to learn more about our experience, please give us a call. We love to help others. Call (607) 758-9427

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