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Zelvin Security provides ethical hacking services, aka penetration testing, enabling business to proactively their improve IT security. We identify and prioritize network and application vulnerabilities and provide cost-effective, practical, and efficient remediation techniques.

Zelvin Security is headquartered near Syracuse, New York and employs a team of penetration testing professionals who are located throughout the United States. They have been providing cybersecurity testing since 2002.  Our Ethical Hackers work directly with clients from the start. This means that when you contact Zelvin Security will speak with a member of the Ethical Hacking team directly. Our testers are available to develop your proposal, complete your security assessment, and discuss remediation strategies after the test is performed. Our focus is on helping our customers understand and improve their security posture. One of the ways we achieve this goal is to only employ highly skilled pentesters who are also able to work with business leaders. Give us a call today (607) 758-9427 and find out how we can help you reduce your cyber risk.

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