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Uncover your cyber risks and mitigate security threats with clarity.

Uncover your cyber risks and mitigate security threats with clarity.

Zelvin Security has the skills to identify your attack points and uncover your most vulnerable blind spots, so you can protect your business from a cyber-attack.

Zelvin Security

Penetration Testing

We apply 20 years of penetration testing experience to your unique business needs so you can protect your reputation, keep your competitive edge, and defend your bottom line from hackers-in-the-wild.

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Web Application

Your business runs on applications and 75% of cybercrime is aimed at web application vulnerabilities. 

Most apps are used by businesses with the assumption that they are secure. This can be a big mistake. Apps are built for functionality, not security. 

Our team combines rigorous manual techniques to test web application categories including:

    • Authentication and Authorization
    • Session Management and Exception Handling
    • Data Confidentiality
    • Database and Server Components
    • Source Code
    • And more
Network Security

Network Security

Chances are your external network is strong, and your internal network is protected by layers of technology appliances built to prevent intrusion.

But what if a hacker bypasses your defenses and social engineers their way into your internal network?

Can the hacker....

    • Move laterally
    • Escalate permissions and bypass authentication
    • Access PHI, PII, or other sensitive information
    • Gain control and compromise the network or data 

Our team takes a customized approach to test your defenses to emulate a hacker-in-the-wild identify where additional protects are needed. We’ll show you how an adversary could compromise your system and then give you risk-reducing strategies to protect your business.


Compliance and Security Assessments

Complying with regulations and privacy standards imposed by authorities may seem complex. Zelvin Security can help you successfully address risks and security controls to meet regulatory requirements.

    • PCI DSS
    • HIPAA
    • New York's SHIELD ACT
    • DFARS
    • DFS 23 NYCRR 500
    • Ed Law 2D
    • NIST
    • CMMC
    • And more

Simplify your governance and security program by testing policies and exceeding compliance standards.


Zelvin Security
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We are the hackers you want to know. Let's work together to:

  • View your IT environment through the lens of a hacker
  • Mitigate cyber-risks with clarity
  • Reduce the risk of a costly cyber-attack
  • Beat your competition by protecting client privacy
  • Proect your business with practical and cost effective strategies

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