$604k was the average cost of a cyber-attack last year

Zelvin Security's penetration testing team is here to help you protect your business. We are a leader in cyber security consulting offering ethical hacking and cyber security services. Our experienced penetration testing team will improve your computer security posture before a data breach. You'll find our experienced pentesters are easy to work with and you'll love the practical, cost-effective strategies they employ to protect you from hackers in the wild. Give us a call today to schedule a no-cost confidential consultation.

Penetration Testing

Zelvin Security’s proactive Ethical Hacking team perform penetration tests on networks and applications to reduce cyber risks. We serve clients near our headquarters in the Syracuse, NY area, and throughout the US.

Security Services

Complying with regulations and privacy standards imposed by authorities such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, SHIELD ACT, DFARS, and DFS 23 NYCRR 500 may seem complex. We can help you successfully address risks and security controls to meet regulatory requirements. Our customized approach will provide you with cost-effective, and practical strategies to improve your cyber security posture.

Industry Experience

Our pentesters have decades of experience securing manufacturing, banking, healthcare, retail, and other types of businesses. This knowledge coupled with a solid business acumen ultimately saves our clients time, money, and IT resources.

It can happen to you.

The last place your business wants to be is in the news due to a cyber-attack. Cyber-attacks are happening locally. Hackers are holding manufacturing, educational, healthcare, and public organizations for ransom. When (not if) your business is targeted: how comfortable are you with your organization's ability to prevent the attack? Malicious hackers are focusing their cyber attacks on smaller targets, in fact, Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Investigation’s Report states that 43% of breaches involve small businesses. Large businesses should be concerned with the security of their vendors and contractors.

Custom Security Proposal

Let's design a custom proposal for your company, your budget and your deadlines. Our proposal will consider: regulatory requirements, business needs, previous security testing issues, and the size of your organization.

New Security Vulnerabilities Discovered in 2018
Average Cost of a Data Incident Per Record
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Why Choose Zelvin Security?

We understand the unique challenges of developing a robust cyber security plan in a fast-paced world. You have competing priorities. Maintaining the digital security of your business is just one of them. You are not alone. Our company was founded on the principles of providing custom Ethical Hacking Services with a personalized focus.

Efficient and cost effective

Custom Solutions

Our team will take the time to understand your unique challenges and offer custom solutions. Cookie-cutter security testing doesn't exist at Zelvin Security.

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Efficient and Cost-Effective

Our solutions will solve your problems efficiently. As a matter of fact, we aim to provide cost-effective solutions in an understandable, non-techy way. Everyone from the board room to the help desk will understand how to reduce your IT risks.

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Prioritized Risks

Our security testing reports include a task-tracker function to save time when mitigating your risks. Our reports neatly prioritize security risks based upon severity using industry standards.

predicable pricing

Clear Communication

Our team is dedicated to improving your business's cyber security posture. We are also committed to helping your team understand the threats, risks, and value of security testing. You'll love our easy-to-understand team who is super technical, yet, completely personable.


Predictable Pricing

We don’t like surprises and neither do our clients. Before each engagement we discuss each type of computer security testing, then, we provide a proposal describing the pricing and timeline for each test.

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Experienced Pentesters

Our Ethical Hacking Team is a group of highly trained cyber security experts. Each member of the team understands the highly technical aspects of penetration testing and has many years of experience working with business leaders.

Hacking Your Business Is Our Business!

Request a free quote and detailed description of our proactive digital testing options.

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