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Zelvin Security is a leader in cyber security consulting, offering a full suite of proactive digital security, penetration testing and vulnerability management solutions. Zelvin Security is located near Syracuse, NY and was founded in 2002 to assist companies in identifying and improving their cyber security posture.

We've performed thousands of Ethical Hacking Assessments on a variety of systems, network infrastructures, and applications. We worked closely with IT teams in a variety of industries. Some of our clients include large and small financial institutions, medical practices, surgery centers and other healthcare systems, insurance companies, e-commerce businesses, global manufacturing businesses, oil & gas, government and many more.

Services include: Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessments, Web Application Penetration Testing, Mobile App Testing, and other proactive security services.

Ethical Hacking Services

Zelvin Security’s proactive Ethical Hacking team, also known as penetration testers, specialize in providing cyber security testing services. We work with businesses to secure networks, applications, and architecture to reduce cyber risk. Malicious hackers often target small businesses which is why we specialize in helping businesses, of all sizes, manage risk and improve their overall security posture.

Our team members work and live around the United States and our headquarters is in Central New York. We serve local clients in Binghamton, Ithaca, and Syracuse, as well as customers across the US and around the world.

What sets our penetration testers apart? They understand cyber security and have a minimum of 10 years of experience working with business leaders.

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Security Services

Zelvin Security’s supportive and highly skilled cyber security team helps businesses of all sizes create a customized, cost-effective, and timely approach to improving their cyber security posture. We realize that your security testing budget is limited. Every test begins with a complimentary proposal. This helps your organization prioritize your security testing and improve your digital security posture without exceeding your budget. Your proposal is completely custom--it considers your regulatory requirements, business needs, previous security testing, and the size of your organization. We take the time to fully understand your threats and your business needs throughout the testing process. Plus, if you have questions just call us. You'll have access to one of our experienced ethical hackers throughout the project.

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Industry Experience

The IT security professionals at Zelvin Security provide vulnerability assessments and penetration tests to help businesses conduct an overall assessment of potential weaknesses which could lead noncompliance of PCI, Department of Financial Services and HIPAA standards. Small to large businesses must focus on their digital security to protect themselves from cyber attacks.

Our consultants have decades of experience helping organizations secure their networks, applications, and even mainframes. Our security testing professionals use their experience to provide efficient recommendations to improve your digital posture. Learn more about our manufacturing, healthcare and financial services pentesting skills today.

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Let's connect. How can the Ethical Hackers at Zelvin Security help your business improve your cyber security posture? Start by scheduling a complimentary consultation. If your business is located near Syracuse, NY and you are in search of penetration testing services let's schedule an in-person consultation, if possible.

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